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Giving leaders the business rundown in less time than it takes for you to get to work

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Building a complete set of tools to take your great idea to a thriving company takes a lot of work. The Managed Chaos podcast is a resource for leaders to engage with the basics of business building.


Scaling a rapidly growing business requires an even more focused toolkit of resources.


Katrina Purcell, a fractional COO, and Rachel Anderson, a fractional CMO, break down everything from setting KPIs, managing operations, setting strategies, and more in short actionable sessions to give leaders the business rundown in less time than it takes for them to get to work.

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Katrina has dedicated herself to turning organizational chaos into smooth, efficient operations throughout her career. Known for her strategic insights and hands-on approach, she partners with businesses as a Fractional COO. Her passion lies in process improvement and team leadership, helping companies survive, thrive, and scale.

Introducing Katrina Purcell as one of the dynamic hosts of the Managed Chaos Podcast. Katrina isn't just a seasoned Fractional COO and captivating speaker; she’s a powerhouse of expertise and enthusiasm.

Katrina Purcell

Meet our dynamic host, Rachel Anderson. With her expertise in marketing strategy and leadership, she helps companies create impactful strategies to reach their growth goals as a Fractional CMO, Management Coach, and speaker.

Rachel Anderson
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As a Fractional CMO, Rachel works closely with businesses to enhance their marketing efforts, leading rapidly growing teams, developing marketing strategies, implementing new organizational processes, and launching global programs. Her engaging presentations and coaching sessions empower teams and leaders, fostering a culture of human-centric collaboration.

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The Managed Chaos Podcast

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